Only You – ORIGINAL song by Jadyn Rylee

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Song available on iTunes, Amazon or at This song can be heard in many ways but for Jadyn and Brayden it signified the immediate and instantly strong friendship that they developed. Jadyn wears her heart on her sleeve and so its no surprise that she feels right at home singing with a new friend. Also featured in ‘Beaches of Tofino’ this is Brayden’s second appearance but first vocal collaboration with Jadyn. He is an extremely talented young man. At the same age as Jadyn, he can sing and rap, dance, and play the piano. It was only natural for this duo to perform a song together. They were flawless. They seemed so in tune with each other and knew exactly what to do. We hope you feel the connection that we did when these kids met this past summer. It was so much fun watch these two talented artists record together. –Connect with Jadyn through her Links—- YouTube – Instagram – @jadynrylee Facebook – Twitter – @JadynRylee – @JadynRylee — Connect with Brayden Ryle through his links — Instagram – @bray_ryle YouTube –… Producer/Songwriter/Musician Curt Ryle Big Matador Recording Songwriter John Castleberry… Videographer: Lance Goodman

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