Taylor X- No Ceiling

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Girl Power 🙂
Thank you to all who made this video not only happen but happen successfully and amazingly! What an outstanding product!
Director: Jennifer David
Editor: Jennifer David
Executive Producer:Taylor X
Producer: Adam Sanders
Production company: Casting Life Films – Mike Stryker
Director of Photography: Joshua Shreve
Videography: Micah Ellars
Choreographer: Taylor X
Dancers: Paige Fralix, Taylor Kay Pate, Getfone Vongkhamchanh, Shelby Jo Henthorn
Location/Lighting: Bandit Lites – Brent Barrett
Lighting Design: Erik Parker
Set Design: Taylor X
Wardrobe/ Costumes: Taylor X
Special Effects: Pyrotek
Hair: Liz Hamilton

Thank you to our sponsors: PCG Nashville – Bernard & Molly Porter for opening their wonderful home to us for the office scene.
Thank you to Ken Meredith (Bentley), Smartt Steps Dance(props), Justin Potts (Guns).

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